SAS Program Portal

Please review the instructions below to assist you in navigating our platform with ease. Downloadable instructions are located below

You will be sent to the welcome page where you will create a unique login.



You will then find our welcome screen for the program portal.

Scroll through the menu for available programs.

Core Modules are located at bottom of menu.

Hit the “Click Here to Enroll” under the program you are interested in purchasing.

Once you have purchased the program the button will change to “Access”

You will also receive a receipt for your purchase to your subscribed email address.

Here is a view once in the purchased program. You will see the three required steps on the bottom of the screen.

Video, Assessment and Survey

The video will be broken into segments.

*Note: the pdf of the program is available to print on the bottom right portion of the screen. This is recommended to assist with the post test portion of the program

Once you have completed the program viewing you will scroll down and select “Take the assessment”.

The program will lead you through the exam. The amount of questions for each programs exam will be dependent on the CME value of the course.

Be sure to use the “hint” button on select questions.

You have 3 attempts to pass the exam. 80% correct answers is required for a passing result.

Next, hit the button located top right “Take the Survey”

Complete and submit the survey

This step is REQUIRED for you to complete your program

Upon completion of your survey your certificate of completion will be displayed.

Hit “Download Certificate” at the bottom of the page

*You always have the option to return to the portal home as well. The certificate will be available for the duration of the course approval.

The results will automatically be reported the the AANA.

The course credits are logged weekly on Tuesdays.

If the course is a Core Module, we will also report the completion to the NBCRNA the Tuesday following the course completion.

Thank you for your purchase and we hope you enjoyed the educational program that we have prepared for you.

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Customer service is our top priority. Should you experience any difficulties or have any additional questions please contact us at