CRNAs provide the majority of anesthetics in the nation; between our busy work schedules and home lives we must find the time to keep apprised of current trends in healthcare and anesthesia. Let us help you take your education to new heights!

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Enjoy these monthly AANA approved Class A courses and chip away at your CPC requirements on us!

CPC Review Courses including 2 core modules!

Now available virtually! Be prepared for you CPCA exam and earn Class A credits including 2 required core modules at 1 event!

Destination conference with live virtual feed

Next stop Sunriver, Oregon!

We have an all CRNA panel with evidence based topics valued at 20 Class A CE.

At SAS, we strive to keep you current, while making your educational needs readily available and adaptable to your busy life!

Our founder is a practicing CRNA, she appreciates how precious your time is! We want you to enjoy your CE time on your own terms. Join us on location or choose a location of your own! SAS offers CRNA Destination and Virtual Conferences including our Create your own conference option. Decide what works best for you! We even added Core Module LIVE events starting in 2022!

We understand that the new CPC requirements can seem cumbersome and difficult to manage. We are here for you. We offer an “Understanding CPC requirements” lecture which helps break down the requirements into achievable segments or join our CRNA CPC Requirement Resource Group on Facebook.

Rest assured that all of our lectures support CPC Core Module Content and are AANA approved Class A Courses. Additionally, SAS is a NBCRNA accredited Core Module provider!

SAS is a CRNA owned and operated educational source. We will always aim to offer you a variety of topics and opportunities to stay current in your CRNA certification requirements. Our goal is to “Take Your Education to New Heights”, ON YOUR TERMS. The options are endless! We have collaborated with other CRNA owned educational sources to form CRNAPartners. We offer premier services at a reasonable prices, if you are a customer of one partner, you receive discounts with ALL partners! Check out our CRNA Partners page and calendar of events to see all we have to offer.

Join our email list to receive updates on all the progress we are making to be your all inclusive educational source!


Join our email list to receive updates on all the progress we are making to be your all inclusive educational source!