CPC Core Modules

  • Core Modules LIVE schedule and details here!
  • Coming to a city near you in 2022
  • Private events available
  • Complete your CPC required core modules in person!
    • testing portion completed on-site
    • modules complete by end of event
    • staff available to assist with learning platform
    • registration includes core module bundle, refreshments and prize giveaways
  • Live presentation by CRNA module creators
  • Existing core module customers simply pay event registration fee to join us LIVE!

Core Module Bundle for $420 $299

  • SAS is a NBCRNA approved Core Module Provider
  • Access 2 Core Modules now
    • Airway Management Techniques
    • Anesthesia Equipment & Technology
  • Remaining modules released quarterly
  • Anticipated value 20 Class A CE
  • Email notifications with new program release
  • Program expiration reminders
  • Program access for full program certification
  • Reported weekly to NBCRNA/AANA
  • Contact us for LIVE private event. We can come to your group and do modules LIVE!

CRNA Partners Ultimate Recertification Kit $1200 $899

  • Created for you by our CRNA-owned business alliance CRNA Partners!
  • 4-year Prodigy Connect Subscription – Prodigy Anesthesia
    • 100 Class A CE courses
    • 24/7 access to programs
    • Daily reporting to AANA
  • Core Module Bundle -Summit Anesthesia Seminars
    • Projected at 20 CE – 2 Core Modules available immediately!
      • Airway Management Techniques
      • Anesthesia Equipment & Technology
    • Remaining modules for release quarterly
    • Email reminders
      • program expiration
      • new program release
  • ACLS/BLS/PALS recertification course -CRNA ACLS [aka MedEd]
    • CRNA instructed -AHA accredited courses
    • Schedule in-person with group or attend on Zoom
    • 10 Class A CE approved
To keep up to date with the latest CPC news please refer to the
NBCRNA website: https://www.nbcrna.com/continued-certification

Still want a more in-depth explanation of the CPC cycle including Core Module information? Check out our blog post with full explanation and FREE lecture video here.

As an approved NBCRNA Core Module Provider we are proud to announce our significantly discounted pre-sale Core Module bundle to assist you in reaching your goal!

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CRNA Partners

In an effort to further assist you with all of your recertification needs, we have formed alliances with other CRNA owned businesses offering complimentary services. CRNA Partners was established to provide cost-effective, premium solutions for CRNA recertification.

SAS is here for you…..

Live Core Module option*

All Core Modules are supported and tested online per NBCRNA guidelines. SAS is willing to go the extra mile and present the programs LIVE! Interested in booking a group LIVE Core Module event? Complete a request form here for a private event and a team member will contact you within 24 hours.


Airway Management & Techniques released

Production of remaining modules:
Clinical Pharmacology
Anatomy, Physiology & Pathophysiology
Equipment & Technology


NBCRNA approval Equipment & Technology Core Module.

Released Summer 2021

Final production and assembly phases of Clinical Pharmacology Module with anticipated late 2021 release

Production of Human Physiology module with anticipated spring 2022 release


All modules readily available to CRNAs for mandatory CPC module completion!