Summit Anesthesia really did a great job with our virtual conference. Knowledgeable speakers, great topics and I loved all the prizes. I had a great time and never left the house!- virtual conference attendee 6/20

One of the best anesthesia conferences I have ever attended- virtual conference attendee 6/20

Our conference was streamed instead of in person. Summit did a great job formatting it to Zoom. The presenters were engaging and the information was up to date. I would definite attend another Summit meeting- Virtual conference attendee 3/20

I just did a virtual conference through Summit because our conference had to be that way with the Covid19 pandemic. The speakers were all CRNAs, the lectures were up to date and informative. I would highly recommend Summit because of the quality of the speakers and they will be offering CPC core modules at their conferences, too – Virtual conference attendee 3/20

Good speakers and pertinent topics. Working CRNAs so they know what is realistic. Did a fantastic job converting to an on line format that week – Virtual conference attendee 3/20

Loved the bar harbor conference! Excellent value for your money. Great speakers with a wealth of information. I will definitely be going to another summit conference -Bar Harbor attendee 9/19

Amazing conference! All of the presenters were interesting and engaging!! Great job Becky! I’m looking forward to future conferences! – Bar Harbor attendee 9/19