LIVE events conversion to CPC Review Course

We were notified recently that due to delays in NBCRNA review process we will only be able to provide instruction and testing on 2 of the required modules at the LIVE events. Our previous schedule had planned for the completion of all 4 required modules.

We would like to still provide you with educational credits for your program however, adjustments will be necessary to the schedule. We need your feedback regarding interest in conversion to a CPC review course with 2 core modules LIVE onsite.

The new program schedule would include : AANA approved Class A courses in the 4 required CPC categories: Airway Management, Clinical Pharmacology, Human Physiology and Pathophysiology and Anesthesia Equipment, Technology & Safety.

  • AANA approved Class A courses valued at 11 CE in the 4 required CPC categories: Airway Management, Applied Clinical Pharmacology, Human Physiology & Pathophysiology, and Anesthesia Equipment, Technology & Safety
  • LIVE delivery of two required CPC Core Modules with onsite testing. Airway Management & Anesthesia Equipment modules [valued at 4.5 CE total]
  • CPC recertification cycle breakdown. Individual assistance with navigation of cycle and explanation of necessary courses and testing
  • CPCA exam prep with mock questions/answers and rationale
  • Handouts, meals/refreshments, networking and prizes!!
  • All CRNA instructed courses.